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Sailing data visualisation.

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The software that will improve your sailing results!!
This product version needs the annalisa server to operate. We offer a license with the server included here.
If you want to use the annalisa server as your board processor (as an upgrade or refit to your existing system for example), you purchase the server here

The software lets you: 


  • use the Race Report to get a brief summary of the race performance and an overall rating.
  • store all boat sensor data of each race in a single convenient database.
  • keep track of changes in sails, mast settings and crew during the race.
  • get to know your boat: develop your speed, tack and jibe polars and sail chart.
  • compare your performance against the polars. Track your performance in time.
  • get a quick overview of tacks, jibes and legs, with ratings for each of them.
  • use data cells to get realtime feedback on sensor data, in number of graph form.
  • a smart algorithm recognises tacks, jibes, speed segments and legs.

  • use start mode to get distance-to-line, time-to-burn and favourable-end information during the race pre-start.
  • a smart algorithm that uses historical data to give your the best layline to the next mark.

  • full navionics charts integration.
  • ping or place your marks on the navigational chart. 
  • build your course from created or imported marks, or import existing routes.
  • get realtime course information during the race like heading, time-to-mark/layline and recommended sails.


  • record HD, 4K or 360 video using on-board cameras while you're racing.
  • use the video alongside your data for more insight.
  • the app automatically selects the most interesting video clips for you.

  • all data is stored safely in the cloud and can be shared with team members.

Note: the app must be bought separately in the app store (for euro 9.99).