Configuration Screen - Boat

Configuration Screen - Boat

Posted: Feb 1, 2018

In the Configuration Screen, on the Boat page, you configure general boat settings.

The following can be modified:

  • name: the name of your boat.

  • length: the length of the boat in meters.

  • draft: the draft of the boat in meters.

  • displacement: the displacement of the boat in kilograms.

  • server address override: ip address of the on-board annalisa server to connect to. If no value is set then the app tries to obtain an ip address automatically by listening on the board network.


Press the LOG button to open the log window in which you can view the contents of the app log file.

Here you can also press to copy the contents of the log file to the iOS clipboard (e.g. to send it to annalisa by mail). Press to clear the window. Press to hide the log window.

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