Boost your sailing performance - annalisa


In its essence, annalisa is an iPad app, with support provided by a powerful, yet simple onboard server. This approach ensures a stable onboard platform that logs all measured data coming from the sensors, with all data stored securely by upload to the Cloud.


This backbone of the annalisa system is versatile and designed to be an add-on to the system, where a lot of attention has been given to a seamless integration with the onboard sensor network. Every network is supported (NMEA2000, NMEA0183, FDX, RS232 or Seatalk) and is compatible with all brands of electronics. The server logs all data from the network, processes everything and sends it to the tablet application. User calibration can also be performed using an intuitive interface that writes back to the onboard network (either to the processor or the sensors). In a similar way, users can export updated polars to the existing processor, or send performance data to the instrument displays directly from the annalisa server.

sailing software workflow

For installations that do not have a processor, or a refit of an older system, the server can be used as the network processor itself (CPU). It can control the displays, calibration and other functionality you would expect from the CPU. The server can also function completely independently of the annalisa software license.


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