Interview Gert van der Heijden

Interview Gert van der Heijden



“At the touch of a button,

you capture the last 30 seconds of video recordings”

Wouldn’t it be good to give feedback directly on a coach boat during a training in high-performance classes or other dinghies and boards? Preferably supported by video footage. That is exactly what annalisa and her partners have been working on for some time now. Together they are developing a tool that enables video analysis from the water with image stabilisation, real-time data and video integration. Gert van der Heijden of annalisa explains the development on the basis of a number of questions:


What is the idea behind this tool?

"The idea is that coaches of the Olympic classes (and other dinghies/boards) can mark bits of video recordings without having to hold the video camera all the time. Due to the high-performance classes, the speed is getting higher and higher. As a coach, it is important to be able to keep your hands on the wheel. With our new tool, you can save the last 30 seconds of the video recordings at the touch of a button."


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Can you tell us more about the functionalities of this tool? What does this tool bring to the coach?

"The coach can use the video footage in a more targeted way for giving feedback to the athlete. At the time, if the coach is not filming, there is no image. The conversations are a bit like: 'Do you remember that part, about 1 minute in the line-up? That's where it went very well.’ And if the coach has filmed, he can usually only analyze the images on the dock after quite a bit of research on his part. Annalisa offers the possibility to give that feedback in a targeted way and immediately on the water."


Who do you work with in the development of this tool?

"We work together with the Sailing Innovation Centre and the Royal Netherlands Yachting Federation. A student from Delft University of Technology has been working on a graduation project over the past few months to stabilize the video on the basis of images, among other things.”


Where do you stand in the development process?

"We've completed the prototype test. The next step is to work with the Sailing Innovation Centre to put a number of systems in the field for further testing by the coaches of the Dutch sailing federation. Following the feedback from these tests, we want to launch the product in the spring of 2020."