In sports, the use of data analytics is on the rise. Knowing what works gives certainty in a world with a lot of variables. Data analytics helps to make better decisions, and get a steeper learning curve. Therefore resulting in a better performance.

For sailing this is no different. The challenge is to make the feedback accessible in the, sometimes, difficult on-board environment. This puts an enormous emphasis on the usability. We already had a glimpse of that the last Americas Cup, where Team New Zealand had an, almost, self-sailing foiling catamaran. While the control system of their wing and boards was really complex, it was really easy to use. This gave them time to focus on other things, either powering the boat or looking for the next shift.

Most of us are not Americas Cup sailors, but the same concept applies: Technology can make life simpler, creating time and space to focus on the real important moments. In order to do that, it needs to be accessible, stable, easy to work with and fun.
We developed annalisa from our passion for sailing. We believe that she helps you to get more fun and satisfaction out of your sailing. 


Harold Vermeulen is a highly successful entrepreneur, developing high-end hardware and software for the broadcasting industry. He joined the sport of sailing 5 years ago, and has been actively racing his Leeloo boats ever since.
In his ambition to improve he is always looking for objective feedback. Data to back up the feeling, and the other way around. Much like in business, he wants to base his decisions on facts. And much like his boats, he wants annalisa to look sexy.

Gert van der Heijden is a professional sailor and has a degree in Marine Technology. He founded team Delft Challenge, and raced the tour de France a la Voile three times with them. This rocketed his sailing career, sailing with Mean Machine in the TP52 and with Telefonica in preparation for the 2008 Volvo Ocean Race. After pursuing his Olympic dream in the Finn and Star Class, he worked in the development of high-tech products for the simulation industry.
annalisa lets him combine his education, sailing skills and working experience, to develop the best product possible.

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