performance sailing software: annalisa
real-time sailing performance software

How do you know that you are sailing the boat to maximum potential?

In sports, the use of data analytics is on the rise. Knowing what works gives certainty in a world with a lot of variables. Data analytics helps to make better decisions, and lead to a steeper learning curve. Resulting in a better performance.

For sailing this is no different. The challenge is to make the feedback accessible in the, sometimes, difficult on-board environment. This puts an enormous emphasis on the usability. Accessible data creates time and space to keep an eye on what is happening outside of the boat. We developed annalisa from our passion for sailing. We believe that she helps you to get more fun and satisfaction out of your efforts on the racecourse.

meet annalisa! 

Blonde Anna and her nerdy friend Lisa make up annalisa,
a wink to a fun and serious tool designed to get you to the finish line faster.

  • know better

    know better

    which sail do we put up, the #2 or the #3? And what mast setting to go with it? These discussions are often heard on the boat. Imagine making confident decisions on boat setup and trim, knowing that what you will choose lets you perform at 100%. annalisa will let you do just that.

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  • train better

    train better

    step up the intensity as you are always competing against the best reference there is: You. By giving the whole team access to the data analysis, annalisa lets you use every brain on the boat.

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  • race better

    race better

    knowledge and training create room to let you focus on the things that make the difference. Get off the startline clean and use the best laylines in the business for your approach to the next mark! annalisa will tell you where you are and where you need to go.

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Nicholas Heiner

Nicholas Heiner

I am always looking for percentages in improving my performance. Data helps me to confirm my feeling in the boat. annalisa is a great help in your performance improvement!

#1 Finn sailor, laser world champion
Louis Balcaen

Louis Balcaen

On Balthasar, a Club Swan 50, we use the annalisa software for inshore racing. Easy to use, actionable insights and very good laylines!

2-time Volvo Ocean Race veteran
Nightshift Sailing Team

Nightshift Sailing Team

We are sailing the boat better, with annalisa keeping us sharp!

6th at the ORCi Worlds 2018